Stress: The Musical

A 45-minute musical play, full of singing, dancing and laughter, that could be the best stress management workshop you ever experienced!

The script and song lyrics are here and the music is available on request (until I get time to put it up here).

During my decades of research into the biology of stress, I always yearned to create a practical workshop experience that would help people to learn a bit about the science while, at the same time, relieving their bodies and minds of its harmful effects.

My passion for songwriting ensured that this would be a musical experience.

Teaming up with a student of clowning and mime - Graham Sharpe - in the inspiring and nurturing educational climate of the University of Western Sydney (Social Ecology as it was then),  led to the first performances in 1988. We went on to perform the show occasionally over the next couple of years, after which it was forgotten.

In 2010, as part of updating my websites, I completely revised the script and replaced some of the songs with new ones to make it a more professional show. I hope you like it!