I seem to write songs rather than poems (and am not much of a poet)

Swimming in Wilber's World (Disorienting Generalisations)

I wrote this tongue-in-cheek poem about Ken Wilber's work - in particular, his amazing ability to use 'orienting generalisations' to integrate so broadly - for a local meeting of the Scientific and Medical Network. It has notes attached to help to put it into perspective.

A couple of other attempts are as follows

Life and Death

Nothing is the other half of something
Black is just the other half of white
Nowhere is the converse side of somewhere
Dark is just the other half of light

Personal is the flip of universal
Cocky is the other half of coy
Thinking is the reasoned half of feeling
Sorrow the unwelcome half of joy

Going is the other half of staying
Planning's the preceding half of done
Working is the other half of playing
Moping is the nether half of fun

Singleness goes back to back with many
Plenty is reciprocal to none
Particular is like and not like any
Zero is the other half of one

Taking is the other half of giving
Despair is the other half of hope
Dying is the other half of living
Copes well who dares to say I cannot cope

Dependency is just not living freely
Control is the flip side of submitting
Limpid is the other half of steely
Given up is linked to unremitting

Asking is the other half of telling
Saying shares a thought with 'keeping Mum'
Sulking is the other half of yelling
Gone is the antithesis of come

Doing is the other half of being
Spoken co-exists with nothing said
Blindness is the other half of seeing
Living cannot be unlinked from dead

Every End is a New Beginning

Every end is a new beginning
Every failure is something learned
Every loss gives a chance at winning
Unrequited means truly yearned

Every tumble leads to rising
Every hurt has need to heal
Every grief yields sympathising
Every pain shows that you feel

Difficulties are debentures
Problems are a challenge really
Even mishaps are adventures
Setbacks show the path more clearly

Every wrong is a cause worth righting
Each mistake is a chance success
Every miss improves the sighting
And every more is also less