Welcome to a motley collection of things written mostly by me about the
theory and practice of mind and soul.


The Courses I offered within the University of the Third Age (U3A)  over many years were brought to a halt towards the end of 2018 when my wife and I were both diagnosed with cancer.

Some bits were continued on my Blog Page here and I hope to add some more to that as time goes on.


A Personal Philosophy and Practice

This is my very short, new book - only 5000 words. It's a summary of the main principles outlined in the longer books, with a little bit extra.

Printed copies are available direct from me at no charge and it's also a

free download from here.

Dancing with the Unknown

FEELINGS and Everyday MIND and LOVE

is my most concise and complete book (paperback, 145 pages, published April 2017, ISBN 978-0-9943332-1-6).

It contains what I think i've learned so far as a human being and a biological scientist. Knowing so little, relatively speaking, has become an asset now.

Support independent publishing: Buy this book on Lulu.

You can buy it at Lulu.com or at other online bookstores (though at Amazon etc it is considerably more expensive).

MIND and LOVE - The Human Experience

is my most comprehensive book (paperback, 279 pages, published January 2011, ISBN 978-1-4466-4333-4).

You can read a detailed outline of the book here and the CODA, with conclusions and summary.

Support independent publishing: Buy this e-book on Lulu.

You can buy it at Lulu.com or at other online bookstores (though at Amazon etc it is more expensive). You can also get it as an E-book at Barnes and Noble NOOK or at Ibooks.

Seized By Agreement, Swamped by Understanding. This book is a collection of papers we put together for a visit to Australia by Humberto Maturana. That was 1994, but his way of thinking is as relevant to day as it was then.

The individual Chapters are available for Free Download here.

The lyrics for nearly 100 of my original songs are available here for Free Download.

More of the melodies will be added some time.

Stress: The Musical is a fun workshop - a 45-minute musical play in which a Professor and a Clown sing about what causes stress and what to do about it. Download the lyrics and text.

The Twin Pines book about growing up on our family farm is a free download here.

There are also stories of various kinds including didactic dialogues and 

presentations at Conferences and workshops and a few poems

None of my 160 published scientific articles are here, but there is an old CV in which many of them are listed.